What others are saying...

CrossPoint - Participant

"Thank you for inspiring a tired teacher!"

Gruene Tree - Participant

"I am not in a classroom...but your passion makes me want to be!!"

Little Vineyard - Participant

"The speaker used personal examples which made a huge difference because then it becomes personal for us."

Aubrey ISD - Participant

"You are an amazing speaker!  You kept my attention the entire time (and I get distracted easily).  Keep doing what you are doing!  You are amazing!"

Aubrey ISD - Participant

"So good, so uplifting!  I could listen to you forever!  Keep smiling! It's beautiful and contagious!" 

Westbury - Participant

"You may have been talking about children but I believe you empowered us as individuals."

Dominic - Academy of Living Literacy

She is a powerful advocate for teacher success!

Sandra - Storybooks School

Angie is an impressive speaker and presenter....she is a tremendous benefit to many early childhood teachers. 

Fred - City of Portland Parks & Recreation

Mrs. Reinford is a bright and personable individual that brings plenty of enthusiasm to all her trainings.  

Cathy - The Ultimate Kids' Place, Inc.

I am so grateful to Angie Reinford and the support she has given my daycare staff.  Training sessions are targeted and specific. She has helped us deal with problems & concerns within this business and I am so happy to have her help.

Rachel - Little Treasures Christian Child Care Center

Our terrific teachers loved Ms Angie’s transparency, lessons and information on teaching and caring for our little people. We definitely will ask Angie back!

Chelsie - Vinson Morris

Thank you! You're trainings are always powerful, motivating, and fun!