The Story


As an At-Risk high school student, my life was headed down a very uncertain path, when unexpectedly, a teacher took notice. With up to a hundred students on her daily roll call, lessons to teach, and papers to grade, she somehow made time to be present in my life. She connected by listening, making simple conversation, and shared nuggets of wisdom I carry with me to this day. Through this relationship, she was able to spark my interest in entrepreneurship. I went on to pursue a degree in Applied Science in Early Childhood Administration with the desire to own and direct a child care center one day. While fixated on being boss, I came away with something much more significant; understanding that the early years of life dramatically influence whom we become. Then it hit me. If this teacher was able to shift the direction of my life through positive interaction in my teen years, then how much more of an impact can we have on children during the early years.  

This revolutionary thought led to curiosity. What prompted this teacher to go out of her way to help me, I wondered. By this point in time, years had gone by and she had witnessed many of my milestones; my high school graduation in 1997, my college commencement ceremony in 2001, the grand opening of my child care center in 2006 and the beginning of my training endeavor in 2010.  With two decades into our friendship, I asked her the question, “Why did you go out of your way to help me?"  Without hesitation, she responded, “Because I CARED and all you needed was guidance and direction.” 

In case you missed it, the key, was that she cared. Just like her, thousands of Early Childhood Professionals are making a difference by providing support, healthy learning environments, and building positive relationships with children from all walks of life.  My training services are designed to educate, motivate, and inspire Preschool Educators because they have to power to change lives!

 In memory of  Angelita Hernandez Saenz  July 14, 1939 - August 28, 2016